Glass Awards Statement

Dear Public,

On June 4, 2018, Minister Stuckey spoke to the Glass Awards Board of Directors about an event that took place, during a meeting, with Pastor Tom Melnichuk. The misunderstanding between both parties resulted in a defamatory perception about Pastor Tom Melnichuk.

The Bible states, if you have ought with your brother you must go to him. Minister Stuckey did so. He believes, as a born-again Christian, that’s important. Minister Stuckey unreservedly apologize for the letter posted, and wholly retract his disparaging comments that has caused a defamatory outlook, stemming from the meeting with Pastor Tom Melnichuk. These remarks are untrue.

Over the last few days Minister Stuckey had time to regroup, to gain full compassion and understanding of his role in Canada Glass Awards.

We realized that Pastor Tom Melnichuk rightly and deservedly received the Gideon Leadership Recipient Award from Canada Glass Awards in 2017, as he has been a unifying force in the Canadian Gospel Community.

Board of Directors
Canada Glass Awards